Abzu Wiki

ABZÛ is a game seemingly played from a 2D perspective from developers Giant Squid. Presented with luscious 3D visuals of underwater escapades, though not much is officially known about ABZÛ, the trailer gives the concepts that the game is a deep sea exploration game filled with awe-inspiring sights to see, wondrous scenes to investigate and treacherous dangers to navigate through.

Developer Matt Nava is serving as creative director on the game with prior experience from Journey as well as composer Austin Wintory will also contribute a score to Abzu, which already sounds like a very special collaboration.

In addition, on Giant Squid’s site the team’s mission statement is to "create artistic games that deliver beautiful, meaningful and timeless experiences to a wide range of people," while striving to create "innovative and deeply moving games that will inspire players, challenge convention, and push the boundaries of experiential and narrative interactive entertainment into new and unexpected areas."

Current game footage shows schools of fish darting around, a diver swimming among sharks and massive whales, and standing near a group of glowing jellyfish-like organisms, so expect a fun underwater 2d platformer.

ABZÛ is an exploration game where you are a lone diver in a lush ocean world. The diver descends deeper and deeper into the depths, where they will encounter majestic Creatures, discover ancient Secrets, and search for their true purpose. ABZÛ roughly translates to "Ocean of Wisdom" from ancient Sumerian.